Ph.D. Theses

Year Ph.D. Student Advisor Title
2019 Henry S. Grasshorn Gebhardt Donghui Jeong In pursuit of optimal clustering analysis with emission line surveys
2019 Shintaro Nishikawa Nigel Higson Direct splitting method for the Baum-Connes conjecture and groups acting on CAT(0)-cubical spaces
2019 Angel Roman Nigel Higson Mackey bijection for some reductive groups and continuous fields of reduced C*-algebras
2019 Matthew Rosenberg Miguel Mostafa A Search for Very High Energy Photons from Gamma-Ray Bursts with the High Altitude Water Cherenkov Observatory
2019 Monica Seglar-Arroyo Miguel Mostafa Searching for the origin of extragalactic cosmic rays: Multi-messenger studies with VHE gamma-ray instruments
2019 Guang Yang Neil Brandt What drives the growth of black holes?
2018 Bekir Baytas Sarah Shandera Correlations in Quantum Gravity and Cosmology
2018 Anne-Sylvie Deutsch Sarah Shandera Cosmic Variance in Cosmology: From Inflation to Today’s Largest Scales
2018 Lucas Hackl Eugenio Bianchi Aspects of Gaussian States: Entanglement, Squeezing and Complexity
2018 Moupiya Maji Yuexing Li Illuminating the Star Clusters and Dwarf Galaxies by Multi-scale Baryonic Simulations
2017 Beatrice Bonga Abhay Ashtekar Gravitational Radiation with a Positive Cosmological Constant
2017 Joanna Bridge Caryl Gronwall Using Emission Lines to Characterize Galaxy Properties: From the Nearby to the Distant Universe
2017 Umut Buyukcam Martin Bojowald Application of Canonical Effective Methods to Background-Independent Theories
2017 Alex Hagen Robin Ciardullo A Study in Lyman-alpha
2017 Lea Hagen Caryl Gronwall Swift/UVOT Observations in Star Formation and Dust Attenuation in both Local and High Redshift Galaxies
2017 Nicholas Senno Peter Meszaros Towards an Understanding of the Source of Very-High-Energy Astrophysical Neutrinos
2016 Saroj Adhikari Sarah Shandera Effects of Primordial non-Gaussianity in the CMB and the Large Scale Structure
2016 Aruna Kesavan Abhay Ashtekar Asymptotic Structure of Space-Time with a Positive Cosmological Constant
2016 Ehssan Khanmohammadi Nigel Higson Quantization of Coadjoint Orbits via Positivity of Kirillov’s Character Formula
2016 Qirong Zhu Yuexing Li Formation of Disk Galaxies in CDM Using Particle-Based Hydrodynamics
2015 Pichkitti Bannangkoon Nigel Higson C*-algebras in Kirillov Theory
2015 Suddhasattwa Brahma Martin Bojowald Effective Methods for Quantum Theories
2015 Matthew Dunkman Tyce DeYoung Measurement of Atmospheric Muon Neutrino Disappearance with IceCube-DeepCore
2015 Karan Govil Murat Gunaydin Algebraic Aspects of Higher Spin Symmetry
2015 David Hollander Irina Mocioiu Flavor Oscillations with Sterile Neutrinos and In Dense Neutrino Environments
2015 Elliot Nelson Sarah Shandera Non-gaussian Statistics as a Probe of the Early Universe
2015 Guangzhong Peng Nigel Higson Quantization of Affine Coadjoint Orbits
2015 Kathryn Sparks Woodle Tyce DeYoung A Likelihood Search for Very High-Energy Gamma-Ray Bursts with the High Altitude Water Cherenkov Observatory
2015 Mouyuan Sun
2015 Warren Wright Irina Mocioiu The Phenomenology of Non-standard Neutrino Interactions at Large Neutrino Detectors
2014 Olaf Engelund Radu Roiban New Applications of On-Shell Methods in Quantum Field Theory
2014 Shan Gao Peter Meszaros High Energy Neutrinos from Gamma-ray Bursts: Recent Observations and Models
2014 Qingjun Jin Radu Roiban Conformal Deformations of N=4 Sym
2013 Tyler Anderson Stephane Coutu Exploring the Cosmic Ray Spectrum with the CREAM Experiment
2013 Shih-ho Cheng Paul Sommers A Search for Ultra-High Energy Neutron Point Sources with the AUGER Surface Detector
2013 Ryan McKeown Radu Roiban Perturbative and Non-Perturbative Approaches to the Quantum Ads5xs5 Superstring
2013 George Paily Martin Bojowald Deformed General Relativity and Effective Actions in Quantum Gravity
2013 David Simpson Martin Bojowald Effective Equations of Cosmological Models in (loop) Quantum Gravity
2013 Casey Tomlin Martin Bojowald The Quantum Constraint Algebra in Toy Models of Canonical Gravity
2012 Miguel Campiglia Abhay Ashtekar Topics in Black Holes and Quantum Cosmology
2012 Adrienne Criss Paul Sommers Atmospheric Effects on Events Measured by the Pierre Auger Observatory Surface Detector
2011 Gerardo Giordano Irina Mocioiu Neutrino Flavor Oscillations in the IceCube DeepCore Array
2011 Adam Henderson Abhay Ashtekar Loop Quantum Cosmology: A Window into the Path Integral Representation of Quanum Gravity
2011 Nathan Johnson-McDaniel Ben Owen Gravitational Waves and the Deformation of Compact Objects: Topics in Relativistic Astrophysics
2011 Douglas Rutledge Doug Cowen A Search for Neutrino-Induced Electromagnetic Showers in the 2008 Combined IceCube and AMANDA Detectors
2011 Artur Tsobanjan Martin Bojowald Semiclassical Analysis of Quantum Systems with Constraints
2011 Edward Wilson-Ewing Abhay Ashtekar Loop Quantum Cosmology: Anisotropies and Inhomogeneities
2010 David Sloan Abhay Ashtekar Loop Quantum Cosmology and the Early Universe
2010 Deepak Vaid Stephon Alexander The Cosmological Constant Problem and Many Body Physics: An Investigation
2009 Tanja Bode Deirdre Shoemaker The Robustness of Binary Black Hole Mergers and Waveforms
2009 Jim Healy Pablo Laguna The Final State from Generic Binary Black Hole Coalescence: Mass, Spin and Gravitational Recoil
2009 Juan Reyes Martin Bojowald Spherically Symmetric Loop Quantum Gravity: Connections to Two-Dimensional Models and Applications to Gravitational Collapse
2009 Victor Taveras Abhay Ashtekar Loop Gravity: An Application and an Extension
2009 Shaun Wood Pablo Laguna Curvature Scalar Diagnostics and Progress on a Chern-Simons Initial Value Formulation
2008 Eloisa Bentivegna Deirdre Shoemaker Ringing in Unison: Exploring Black Hole Coalescence with Quasinormal Modes
2008 Mikhail Kagan Martin Bojowald Quantum Cosmology and Structure Formation in the Universe
2008 Birjoo Vaishnav Deirdre Shoemaker Gravitational Waves from Intermediate Mass Binary Black Holes: First Steps Toward Using Numerical Relativity Waveforms for LIGO Data Analysis
2008 Nicolas Yunes Ben Owen At The Interface: Gravitational Waves as Tools to Test Quantum Gravity and Probe the Astrophysical Universe
2007 Abraham Harte Pablo Laguna Mechanics of Isolated Extended Bodies in Classical Field Theories
2007 Mohit Nayyar Ben Owen Periodic Gravitational Radiation from Neutron Stars with Exotic Matter
2006 Jonathan Engle Abhay Ashtekar Black Hole Entropy, Constraints, and Symmetry in Quantum Gravity
2006 Amber Stuver Sam Finn Burst Gravitational Wave Data Analysis Methods: Design, Development and Comparison
2006 Tiffany Summerscales Sam Finn Gravitational Wave Astronomy with LIGO: From Data to Science
2006 Kevin Vandersloot Abhay Ashtekar Loop Quantum Cosmology
2006 David Whitbeck Ben Owen Observational Consequences of Gravitational Wave Emission from Spinning Compact Sources
2005 Chris Van Den Broeck Abhay Ashtekar Black Holes and Neutron Stars: Fundamental and Phenomenological Issues
2004 Ph.D. Student Advisor Title
2004 Josh Willis Abhay Ashtekar On the Low-Energy Ramifications and a Mathematical Extension of Loop Quantum Gravity
2003 Bernard Kelly Pablo Laguna The Next Generation of Binary Black Hole Head-On Collisions, and their Aftermath
2003 Kenneth Smith Pablo Laguna Dynamic Singularity Excision in Numerical Relativity
2002 David Garrison Jorge Pullin, Pablo Laguna Testing Binary Black Hole Codes in Strong Field Regimes
2002 Badri Krishnan Abhay Ashtekar Isolated Horizons in Numerical Relativity
2002 Yi Ling Lee Smolin Extending Loop Quantum Gravity to Supergravity
2002 Jacek Wisniewski Abhay Ashtekar 2+1 General Relativity: Classical and Quantum
2001 Ramon Lopez-Aleman Jorge Pullin Evolving Particle Trajectories Perturbatively around Rotating Black Holes in the Time Domain
2001 Stephen Fairhurst Abhay Ashtekar Isolated horizons and distorted black holes
2001 Olaf Dreyer Abhay Ashtekar Isolated Horizons and Black Hole Entropy
2000 Chris Beetle Abhay Ashtekar Isolated Horizons and Black Hole Mechanics
2000 Dan Cartin Lee Smolin Self-regulated Models of Str Formation in Flocculent Galaxies
2000 Sameer Gupta Lee Smolin not available
2000 Gaurav Khanna Jorge Pullin Black Hole Coalescence: the Close Limit
1999 Kirill Krasnov Abhay Ashtekar Postscript, PDF
1999 Eli Hawkins Lee Smolin Perturbative Noncommutative Regularization
1997 Alejandro Corichi Abhay Ashtekar Interplay Between Topology, Gauge Fields And Gravity
1997 Seth Major Lee Smolin q-Quantum Gravity
1997 Nuno Dias Jorge Pullin The Dynamics Of Quantum Gravity: A Proposal
1996 Monica Pierri Abhay Ashtekar Probing
1996 Quantum General Relativity Through Exactly Soluble Midi-Superspaces
1996 Troy Schilling Abhay Ashtekar Geometry Of Quantum Mechanics

This Week’s Seminars

  • Monday, Primordial Universe and Gravity (PUG) Discussions, 2:30 PM
    Speaker(s): No Speaker this week.

  • Tuesday, International Loop Quantum Gravity Seminar, 10:00 AM
    (Meets every other week)
    Speaker(s): No Speaker this week.

  • Tuesday, HEPAP/CPGA Seminar, 1:30 PM
    Speaker(s): Valentin Decoene, Penn State University
    Title: Sources and detection of high-energy cosmic events: a journey through neutrinos and fast radio bursts.

  • Friday, Cosmology/Fundamental Theory Seminar, 9:30 AM
    Speaker(s): Abhay Ashtekar, Penn State University
    Title: Quasi-local horizons in classical and quantum gravity: Gravitational wave tomography and black hole evaporation

Current News

New director appointed to the Center for Theoretical And Observational Cosmology

We are delighted to announce Donghui Jeong as the next Director of the Center for Theoretical And Observational Cosmology. Donghui is a highly regarded member of the international cosmology community, with a very successful and broad research program that extends to all three Centers of the IGC. We look forward to Donghui’s leadership, and the new ideas he will bring to this next phase of the CTOC!