IGC: Graduate Students
Name Office Phone Office Address Affiliated Center(s)
Shomik Adhicary CMA
Unnati Akhouri 321F Whitmore Lab CTOC
Mark Alaverdian CFT
Joseph Balsells 322 Whitmore Lab CFT
Kallan Berglund 322 Whitmore Lab CFT
Joshua Black 301D Whitmore Lab CTOC
William Bowman 537 Davey Lab CTOC
Jacob Bradd CFT
Carl Chen 814-865-8466 204 Osmond Lab CMA
Joseph Colosimo 814-865-0150 413 Davey Lab CMA
Gavin Cox 6E Osmond Lab CMA
Abhishek Das 321E Whitmore Lab CMA
James Delaunay 814-865-8466 204 Osmond Lab CMA
Arnab Dhani 317 Whitmore Lab CFT
Pranav Diwakar CFT
Duy Anh (Dan) Nguyen Doan 814-863-7948 532D Davey Lab CMA
Nicole Drew 321E Whitmore Lab CFT
Laura Duffy 525 Davey Lab CMA & CTOC
Jose Carpio Dumler CMA
Erick Ivan Duque Gonzalez CFT & CTOC
Rebecca Ewing 301C Whitmore Lab CMA
Miguel Fernandez 814-865-3243 334 Whitmore Lab CFT
Ish Mohan Gupta 317 Whitmore Lab CMA
James Gurian 537 Davey Lab CTOC
Ahmedreza Hajsaeedisadegh 814-865-2471 008 McAllister Bldg CFT
Bryan Hendricks CMA
Jackson Henry 322 Whitmore Lab CFT
Rachael Huxford 317 Whitmore Lab CMA
Yu Jiang 114 Osmond Lab CMA
Prathamesh Joshi 301D Whitmore Lab CMA
Nikhil Kalyanapuram TBA CFT
James Kennington CMA
Stephen Kerby 814-863-7948 532C Davey Lab CMA
Sanika Khadkikar 321C Whitmore Lab CFT
Neev Khera 317 Whitmore Lab CFT
Daniel Kodroff 6E Osmond Lab CMA
Ryan Krebs CMA
Yuchieh Ku CMA
Rishabh Kumar 321A Whitmore Lab CFT
Justin Lafranchi 814-865-0979 303A Osmond Lab CMA
Yijia Li 814-863-5565 440 Davey Lab CTOC
Shiqi Liu 814-863-9049 419 McAllister Building CFT
Luis Martinez 107 Osmond Lab CFT
Elijah Mathews 537 Davey Lab CTOC
Rick Mueller 6E Osmond Lab CMA
Gautam Nagaraj 525 Davey Lab CTOC
Victoria Niu CMA
Surendra Padamata CMA
Daria Pankova 814-865-2013 212C Osmond Lab CMA
Kokkimidis Patatoukos CFT
Cort Posnansky CMA
Aviral Prakash 317 Whitmore Lab CMA
Sean Prudhoe 321F Whitmore Lab CTOC
Monica Rincon-Ramirez 317 Whitmore Lab CFT
Michael Ryan 301C Whitmore Lab CTOC
Shio Sakon 301D Whitmore Lab CMA
Jesus Sanchez 814-863-9675 010 McAllister Bldg CFT
Divya Singh 301C Whitmore Lab CMA
Nicholas Stroughair 814-863-9121 430 McAllister Bldg CFT
Meghan Tanner CMA
Joseph Tomlinson 525 Davey Lab CTOC
Zhenyuan Wang 537 Davey Lab CTOC
Monong Yu 814-865-8466 204 Osmond Lab CMA
Chengchao Yuan 114 Osmond Lab CMA & CTOC
Andrew Zeolla CMA
Yaqi Zhang CFT
Shifu Zhu 814-865-4536 535A Davey Lab CTOC
Andrew Ziegler 6E Osmond Lab CMA
Fan Zou 814-865-4536 535A Davey Lab CTOC
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This Week’s Seminars

  • Monday, Primordial Universe and Gravity (PUG) Discussions, 2:30 PM
    Speaker(s): No Speaker this week.

  • Tuesday, International Loop Quantum Gravity Seminar, 10:00 AM
    (Meets every other week)
    Speaker(s): No Speaker this week.

  • Tuesday, HEPAP/CPGA Seminar, 1:30 PM
    Speaker(s): Valentin Decoene, Penn State University
    Title: Sources and detection of high-energy cosmic events: a journey through neutrinos and fast radio bursts.

  • Friday, Cosmology/Fundamental Theory Seminar, 9:30 AM
    Speaker(s): Abhay Ashtekar, Penn State University
    Title: Quasi-local horizons in classical and quantum gravity: Gravitational wave tomography and black hole evaporation

Current News

New director appointed to the Center for Theoretical And Observational Cosmology

We are delighted to announce Donghui Jeong as the next Director of the Center for Theoretical And Observational Cosmology. Donghui is a highly regarded member of the international cosmology community, with a very successful and broad research program that extends to all three Centers of the IGC. We look forward to Donghui’s leadership, and the new ideas he will bring to this next phase of the CTOC!