IGC: Faculty
Name Office Phone Office Address Affiliated Center(s)
K. G. Arun Chennai Mathematical Institute CMA
Abhay Ashtekar 814-863-9601 316 Whitmore Lab CTOC & FTheory
Eugenio Bianchi 814-865-3147 315 Whitmore Lab FTheory
Martin Bojowald 814-865-3502 304A Whitmore Lab CTOC & FTheory
Jacob Bourjaily 814-867-3707 321A Osmond Lab FTheory
Niel Brandt 814-865-3509 507 Davey Lab CMA & CTOC
Carmen Carmona Benitez 814-865-6476 320D Osmond Lab CMA
Robin Ciardullo 814-865-6601 519 Davey Lab CMA & CTOC
Alejandro Corichi National Autonomous University of Mexico FTheory
Stephane Coutu 814-865-2015 303H Osmond Lab CMA
Doug Cowen 814-863-5943 303D Osmond Lab CMA
Luiz de Viveiros 814-865-3628 320E Osmond Lab CMA
Mike Eracleous 814-863-6041 414 Davey Lab CMA & CTOC
Abe Falcone 814-863-5364 503 Davey Lab CMA
Zoltan Fodor CMA
Derek Fox 814-863-4989 425 Davey Lab CMA & CTOC
Viktoriya Giryanskaya 305 Whitmore Lab CMA
Caryl Gronwall 814-865-2918 417B Davey Lab CTOC
Emily Grosholz 814-865-1676 201 Sparks Building FTheory
Murat Gunaydin 814-863-0144 303F Osmond Lab FTheory
Chad Hanna 814-865-2924 303 Whitmore Lab CMA
Nigel Higson 814-865-5764 107J McAllister Building FTheory
Donghui Jeong 814-865-1117 518 Davey Lab CTOC
Joel Leja 814-865-0418 525 Davey Lab CTOC
Jerzy Lewandowski Warsaw University FTheory
Yuexing Li 814-867-2291 417A Davey Lab CMA & CTOC
Peter Meszaros 814-863-4167 508 Davey Lab CMA
Irina Mocioiu 814-865-3721 320G Osmond Lab CMA
Miguel Mostafá 814-865-4306 303G Osmond Lab CMA
Kohta Murase 814-863-9594 321B Osmond Lab CMA
Adrian Ocneanu 814-865-4061 225 McAllister Building FTheory
George Pavlov 814-865-9482 508B Davey Lab CMA
Roger Penrose Oxford University FTheory
David Radice 814-863-9597 304 Whitmore Lab CMA
Radu Roiban 814-863-5811 320F Osmond Lab FTheory
B. S. Sathyaprakash 814-865-3062 312 Whitmore Lab CMA
Donald Schneider 814-865-9554 525 Davey Lab CTOC
Sarah Shandera 814-863-9595 303A Whitmore Lab CTOC & FTheory
Stein Sigurdsson 814-863-6038 426 Davey Lab CMA
Mark Strikman 814-865-7382 303B Osmond Lab CMA
Hyungsuk Tak 814-865-1348 326 Thomas Building CTOC
Victoria (Ashley) Villar 814-863-1937 408 Davey Lab CTOC
Stephanie Wissel 814-863-9598 104 Davey Lab CMA
Ping Xu 814-865-3517 329 McAllister Building FTheory

This Week’s Seminars

  • Monday, Primordial Universe and Gravity (PUG) Discussions, 2:30 PM
    Speaker(s): No Speaker this week.

  • Tuesday, International Loop Quantum Gravity Seminar, 10:00 AM
    (Meets every other week)
    Speaker(s): No Speaker this week.

  • Tuesday, HEPAP/CPGA Seminar, 1:30 PM
    Speaker(s): Valentin Decoene, Penn State University
    Title: Sources and detection of high-energy cosmic events: a journey through neutrinos and fast radio bursts.

  • Friday, Cosmology/Fundamental Theory Seminar, 9:30 AM
    Speaker(s): Abhay Ashtekar, Penn State University
    Title: Quasi-local horizons in classical and quantum gravity: Gravitational wave tomography and black hole evaporation

Current News

New director appointed to the Center for Theoretical And Observational Cosmology

We are delighted to announce Donghui Jeong as the next Director of the Center for Theoretical And Observational Cosmology. Donghui is a highly regarded member of the international cosmology community, with a very successful and broad research program that extends to all three Centers of the IGC. We look forward to Donghui’s leadership, and the new ideas he will bring to this next phase of the CTOC!