IGC: Administrative and Technical Staff
Name Office Phone Office Address Affiliated Center(s)
Bryce Cousins 301B Whitmore Lab CMA
Patrick Godwin 334A Whitmore Lab CMA
Alexander Pace 814-865-3243 334B Whitmore Lab CMA
Ron Tapia 334C Whitmore Lab CMA
Natasha Urbanik 814-863-9605 321D Whitmore Lab CMA, CTOC, FTheory

This Week’s Seminars

  • Monday, Primordial Universe and Gravity (PUG) Discussions, 2:30 PM
    Speaker(s): No Speaker this week.

  • Tuesday, International Loop Quantum Gravity Seminar, 10:00 AM
    (Meets every other week)
    Speaker(s): Hal Haggard, Bard College
    Title: Arbitrary Precision Quantization of the Volume of the Simplest Grain of Space

  • Friday, Special HEPAP/CPGA Seminar, 1:30 PM
    Speaker(s): Christophe Royon, The University of Kansas
    Title: Diffraction at the LHC and the EIC: From soft to hard diffraction

  • Friday, Cosmology/Fundamental Theory Seminar, 9:30 AM
    Speaker(s): Pedro Espino, PSU
    Title: The fate of twin stars on the unstable branch

Current News

Shandera appointed director of Institute for Gravitation and the Cosmos

The Internal Advisory Board of the Penn State Institute for Gravitation and the Cosmos (IGC)
has selected Sarah Shandera, associate professor of physics, as the IGC’s new director.

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