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Numerical Relativity @ Penn State

Numerical Relativity Lunches

The NR Lunches are an opportunity for a diverse collection of groups interested in the numerical aspects of General Relativity to communicate on a weekly basis in a casual, informal setting. Groups from across the country join in this weekly phone conference consisting of a short (approximately twenty minutes) presentation, with the intent to inspire discussion for the rest of the hour. If you are interested in participating, or would like to recommend a speaker, contact and Kenneth Smith.

This Week

No NR Lunches scheduled for Summer 2004
Regular Lunches will re-commence in the Fall

Previous Lunches This Semester

29 Apr 2004: Dae-Il Choi, NASA Goddard
22 Apr 2004: Marcus Ansorg, Penn State University
15 Apr 2004: Miguel Alcubierre, UNAM
25 Mar 2004: Review of "Evolutions in Numerical Relativity"
04 Mar 2004: Mihaela Chirvasa, AEI
26 Feb 2004: Meeting with Sergiu Klainerman
19 Feb 2004: Carsten Gundlach, University of Southhampton
12 Feb 2004: Erik Schnetter, AEI
29 Jan 2004: Bernd Brügmann, Penn State University
22 Jan 2004: Alexander Alekseenko, CSUN
15 Jan 2004: Review of Apples with Apples workshop

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